Sigma Toolings is an almost 1.8 decade old manufacturer in comprehensive high-end tooling solutions, with an excellent manufacturing plant in Maharashtra and sales and marketing offices in Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Jamshedpur, Baroda, Chennai, Aurangabad, with a blue chip list of over 600 customers, including Indian and multi-national giants, ISO certification and mission-critical government compliance. Our solutions are working successfully in diverse engineering segments of Automobile, Heavy engineering, Engine, Valve, Oil and Gas, Turbo Chargers, Power Generation, Earth moving equipment, etc. Our mission-critical engineering services, knowledge and expertise are applied to achieve a competitive advantage with product portfolio for complete Tool Crib Management.

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Product Range

  • Anti-vibration Tools

  • Combination Boring Bars

  • Fine Boring Units

  • Line Boring Bars

  • Trepanning Tools

  • Back Spot Face Tools/Automatic Back Facers

  • Special Indexable Form Tools